No ignition power to John Deere 5425

no ignition power to john deere Problems

I am new to this forum but I just experienced a new problem on my 5425 that I have had for several years.

Starting today, it spun a few times and then everything electrical went out.

The instrument cluster goes blank when the key is turned on.

The flashing hazard lights, which don’t require the ignition switch to be on, seem strong and that’s the only sign of life I see.

Battery is fine with freshly cleaned wires, ground, etc. I don’t want to think what it will cost me to get this to my closest JD dealer, 30 miles away.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Have you checked for a blown fuse?

When you say you’ve cleaned the battery cables, do you mean all four connections?

I’ve also looked in the fuse box and haven’t seen any obviously blown fuses, but I didn’t know specifically which fuses or links would be related to my symptoms.

The power flow goes from the battery, through the positive cable, to the 125 amp fuse, to the 20 amp F2 fuse, to the key switch.

You need to get a test light or voltmeter to determine where the power flow is interrupted.

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John Deere 5425
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