John Deere 5425 Troubleshooting

John Deere 5425 Problems

Yesterday I had problems with my 5425 tractor. The diesel will not start. Explain to me what the fault may be?

Wrong fuel type or grade. Broken drive in fuel injection pump. Inspect and reassemble. Incorrect timing of fuel injection pump. Adjust the timing.

John Deere 5425 problems. Engine loses power. How the problem is solved?

Incorrect fuel injection timing. Defective injection nozzle or incorrect injection cycle. Insufficient fuel supply – Check the fuel system.

Explain to me what happens if the engine fails.

Engine seized due to lack of oil, incorrect oil or lack of coolant.

JD 5425 Tractor Failure. Transmission Difficulty Reversing. What happened?

The clutch pedal is not fully depressed when changing gear – Instruct the driver.

Why does my steering wheel turn so easily? What are my actions to correct the situation?

The oil level is minimal – Fill the reservoir. The steering cylinder is badly worn – Replace the gasket. The power steering pump is faulty – Repair the pump.

I have a John Deere 5425 with a 553 loader in September. Now there is a problem. The diesel engine does not start. Can someone help me find the cause of the fault?

Starter motor cranks engine too slowly – Diagnose starter motor and reinstall if necessary. Restriction in a fuel line – Requires cleaning and flushing. Dirty fuel filter element – Replace fuel filter. Piston Ring Failure – Needs Repair.

I have the same tractor. I have recently noticed that the address has stopped working. Can someone tell me what the possible breakdowns are?

Minimal oil. Air lock in the steering system. Remove the air from the system. Uneven tire pressure – Adjust. Hydraulic connections leaks. Eliminate a defect. Faulty power steering pump. Check the steering pump. The power steering has a defect. Requires repair.

JD 5425 tractor problem. Diesel is hard to start. Help me specify the source of the problem. What I can do?

Fuel inlet needle stuck in seat. Dirty or out of adjustment fuel pump. Cold start system malfunction. The piston rings are worn or deformed. Faulty injection pump drive shaft. Water in fuel. Fuel too heavy at low temperature.

John Deere 5425 diesel engine problems. Diesel engine is difficult to start permanently. How can I solve the question?

Obstruction in fuel tank vent. Air leaks in the suction ducts. Obstruction in the exhaust pipe. Low voltage – Charge the battery. Defective or clogged diesel injection nozzles. Clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace the fuel filter. Incorrect timing.

There has been a fault in the steering of my tractor. What is a breakdown?

The hydraulic system has a large amount of air. It is necessary to remove the air. Hydraulic oil level in system is small. You need to add oil. Power steering cylinder problem Replace gasket.

I have the same model. Why won’t the diesel engine start? How can I fix a fault?

Incorrect regulation of the valves. High or low compression. Cylinder bore wear – Needs to be fixed. Leaks between valves and seats – The leak must be eliminated.

John Deere 5425 problems. Diesel engine knocks. What kind of breakdown?

Low amount of oil. Add oil. The coolant temperature dropped.

I don’t understand why the front axle constantly howls when the tractor is running.

Defective gear. It is recommended to replace the gear. The bearings are very worn. Replace it.

I have this model for a few years. Regular engine starting is very difficult. How can it be removed?

The nozzle is clogged. The nozzle needs to be inspected. The fuel pump does not work. Repair the injection pump.

I have exactly the same model. Can someone explain to me why the differential lock assembly breaks immediately? How can i fix it? What should I do?

Worn membrane or change friction clutch discs. It must be repaired.

I have the JD 5425 with the 553 loader. The diesel engine does not work. Tell me what is the problem?

The fuel filter is probably clogged. Or the fuel pump setting is not correct.

Please help me. The engine overheats. How can I solve that?

The coolant level has dropped. Pour fluid into the radiator to the recommended level. Clogged radiator fins – Clean. Insufficient coolant – Refill the coolant. Cooling system choking – Clean the cooling system. Diesel Overload – Reduce the diesel load. Loose or defective fan belt – Replace fan belt if necessary. Check the belt tensioner.

My father has a 5425 tractor. The day before yesterday he heard a blow to the rear axle. What problem do you tell me?

All symptoms show bearing problems.

Tell me what the problem is if the engine comes out with white smoke.

If white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, the piston rings must be replaced urgently. Wrong injection time – Set it correctly.

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John Deere 5425
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