John Deere 5425 Starting/Fuel System Problems

Tractor John Deere 5425 Problems

I wonder if anyone has had trouble starting their Deere 5325, 5425, or 5525 and keeping it running.I have a tractor that starts and starts, runs for 3 seconds, RPM drops / spikes, dies, and won’t restart.This is after it has been established for a few days.

The fuel system must be bled for it to work.Please explain if you have experienced similar problems.Thanks.I would check all the rubber hoses to see if they are worn or leaky, it seems to me that air is entering the system and losing prime from sitting.I’ve been working on a backhoe that did that.

I have replaced the fuel hose from the tank to the fuel pump and have had no more problems. The entire fuel system has been replaced with the exception of the tank and the addition of an electric pump. I have a 5325, no starting problems, just electrical problems, blowing the fuses.

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John Deere 5425
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