John Deere 5425 electrical problem

John Deere 5425 Problems

My 5425 cab won’t come on, when I turn the key none of the gauges or lights come on, but when I turn the light switch on the head light dash and the turn signals work, but nothing when I use the key. … why don’t I have power goes to ignition? One way to find a short, and not keep blowing fuses, is to put a 12v bulb in the place of the fuse.

If there is a short circuit, the bulb lights up. When the short is located (by moving the wires around, or lifting them from their terminal) then the light turns off. It saves blowing fuses.AttachmentsWhich fuse is blowing? If it is “26-Fuse F18, 10-Amp: Fuel Shut Off Solenoid, HVAC Relay, Elx Relay, Seat Switch, and Wheel Speed ​​Sensor”, I think the problem is the thermistor sensor (thermistors are variable temperature resistors used as sensors.) In the thermostat housing there is a sensor that is connected to a two-wire harness that goes to the injection pump;

This is the “cold start advance” part of the system to make it easier to start when cold by timing advance. When the sensor in the thermostat housing fails, it is shorted and blows the fuse. Try disconnecting it, replace the fuse and see if it starts and works. The part number is RE503242, if you are changing quickly, you do not have to drain the coolant, just make sure it is not hot at the moment. If it’s not this fuse, let us know what it is, you can unplug the CSA and it will still start.

It has been a big problem with the 5000 series, including mine. You would think that after more than 20 years of CSA failures the JD engineers would have come up with a solution for the sensor failures, but I suppose they enjoy the revenue from the parts.

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John Deere 5425
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